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Spider Control

Spider Extermination

While spiders aren’t the bloodthirsty killers depicted in many movies, they can cause numerous problems when they infest your home. That’s why it’s important to call Bricker Pest Control if you find spiders in your residence. Bricker Pest Control is a trusted local exterminator that will quickly and safely eliminate spider populations within your property so you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe and pest-free.

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Common Spiders Found in Texas

  • Brown Recluse Spider
  • Wolf Spider
  • Black Widow Spider
  • American House Spider
  • Cellar spider
  • Huntsman Spider
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Professional Spider Control?

Professional spider control is a service that helps to eliminate and control the presence of spiders in a home or business. It typically involves treating the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings with insecticides as well as the use of other techniques designed to reduce the population of spiders in a given area. By using professional services, you can ensure that your property remains spider-free without having to take unnecessary risks.


How often should spider pest control be done?

Spider pest control should be done on an as-needed basis. This is determined by regular, professional inspections that ensure that there is no reintroduction of spiders into the environment.


Is it safe for humans to spray insecticides inside the house?

Insecticides intended for indoor use should only be sprayed by professionals with experience in applying these products safely. These products must always be applied according to manufacturer’s instructions, paying close attention not just to dose rates but also any special precautions required for storage, handling and personal safety when applying the product.


What is the most effective way to get rid of spiders?

The most effective way to get rid of spiders is to use a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods, such as vacuum cleaning, sealing cracks and crevices, using insecticidal sprays or dusts, and removing webs.

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