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From fire ants and wasps to cockroaches and termites, if it’s a pest, we’ve got you covered.

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Everybody in Texas knows about pests. At Bricker Pest Control we have been managing pests inside and outside homes or businesses for nearly forty years.


Residential & Commercial

We control all our customers’ pests in the most effective way.

Bee Control & Removal

We love what we do and are committed to keeping customers’ lives free from pests.

Termite Control

We are professionals you can count on when it comes to controlling termites.

Welcome to Bricker Pest Control

For over 40 years, Bricker Pest Control has been managing pests in Texas for the families of the Bay City and Matagorda, Texas. County. My dad, Richard Bricker, started the family business back in 1978 using his Entomology degree and education from Texas A&M.

I joined the family business in 2006 after graduating with a double major in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and Entomology from Texas A&M.

Pest control is not just something we do, it’s something we understand and bring a formal education to. This knowledge, along with a genuine interest in insects and the enjoyment of meeting new people, separates us from other companies.

After all these years, we still like nothing better than helping our friends and neighbors enjoy their homes without the worry of pests invading their property.

In 2016, because of our growing business (and growing family), we made the exciting change of moving our in-home office to a brand new building! We look forward to the opportunities this will allow us to better serve our community.

Bricker Pest Control offers full-service extermination, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly interior and exterior treatment plans or single visit concentrations.

From commercial to residential properties, pests don’t stand a chance. We offer full-service extermination, month and quarterly maintenance plans, honeybee removal, and all types of termite control. We are also Termidor Certified and a member of the Bay City and Wharton Chambers of Commerce.

We hope to meet you soon,

Commercial Property Service

Bricker Pest Control has been servicing the three properties I manage for the past three years. They provide excellent customer service and are detailed oriented. Each property has a monthly service agreement for general pest control but we have also used them for concerns with rodents and/or termites. These guys are great. Always friendly, reliable, and family owned.


Property Manager

Commercial Client

I am the Project Manager at a Nuclear Power Plant in south Texas. We require weekly, monthly and quarterly inspections and require various needs throughout the seasons. We struggled with service and response times with our previous pest control company. Since retaining Bricker Pest Control for our needs life is good! A family owned business with good reputable people. I have nothing but good to say about this company and would recommend them to anyone for residential or commercial locations.

Steve, Project Manager

Longterm Customer

I am a 20 year customer and I can say I have no bugs! They took my bug infested purchase 20 years ago and made it safe to live in again. Now I get quarterly treatments (which they remind me about thankfully) and have been bug free for 19.9 years now! Staff is courteous, efficient and always ready to help. I thought I had termites, called Tim all freaked out, he shows up an hour later and, well, they were mealy bugs but he came and saved me! Who else does that? Thanks for the great service.


Teri, Satisfied Customer

Termite Treatment

These guys did a great job – Tim was Johnnie on the spot and finished my termite treatment in a timely manor. I now have the peace of mind that termites are no longer an issue – Awesome price!! I would recommend Bricker Pest Control to everyone out there!



Residential Inspection

I used Bricker Pest Control to inspect a house I was looking at buying for termites and currently use them as my pest control company. They are very knowledgeable and always take the time to explain the problem and my options. Their professionalism is unmatched. They are very courteous and knowledgeable. One time they came over I had some sort of small bug that I had not been able to get rid of or figure out where it was coming from. I showed it to the guy, and he immediately said that it was a flour beetle, and that I would need to check my flour containers and that one of them was probably infested with the beetles. I checked and he was right on the money. I have never had a problem with bees, but I know someone who used them for bees and they came out on the same day and took care of the problem without any hassles.


Jacob, Home Buyer

Termite Control

If you have termite problems, beware of who you are using for services.  I’ve used a termite control person who I trusted for years.  I started having problems inside my home and guess what?  Termites.  Thank heavens I called Bricker Pest Control.  They spent an afternoon crawling under my house checking.  Under my house, really.  The other service I trusted only walked around the house–then sent a bill. If you think you have a problem, I stand by Bricker Pest  and their termite control.  They do a great job at a fair cost and they really do check for termites.


Carol, Home Owner

New Home Owner

When we called Bricker Pest Control to set up services for our new home they responded very quickly.  We have quarterly services, but they have come to the house whenever we’ve called to deal with everything from ants, roaches and rodents. We are very happy with Bricker Pest Control services and highly recommend them.


Mike, Home Owner

Commercial Office

Calling Bricker Pest Control was the best thing we ever did. Initially, we called to set up Service with the Pest Control to rid our office building of insects (Quarterly Maintenance Service). They showed up in a timely manner and sprayed our building and set up on reoccurring appointments. Later down the road we came across an infestation of wild cats. One call to Tim Bricker and he was on scene digging a dead cat out of insulation in our ceiling tiles. Little did we know this was just the beginning to a larger problem. Tim worked on New Year’s Eve to once again rid our office of a cat. Since the problem has been maintained Tim still drops by to check on cats. The Staff here could not be more thankful.


Dana, Senior Administrator