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Bee Removal

Bee Removal and Extermination

There is no question that bees are beneficial to the environment, but when they build hives near your family, they can be dangerous. Bee Removal: Depending upon the type of bees and their location, it may be possible to find a beekeeper who will remove the hive, but oftentimes they have made a home in difficult places such as a hollow of a tree, or the eaves of a 2-story home, where extermination is necessary.

Removing a hive can be a hazardous task that requires the correct tools and strategy. Be sure to consult us, for safety and efficiency reasons, before you attempt any bee removal method.

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200 pounds of honey

Approximately 200 lbs of Honey and Comb removed from the front porch of a house in Bay City, Texas as shown in the photo on the right. The darker parts are older and toward bottom of picture is the newer comb (more yellow). Fascinating Honey bees!

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