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Mosquito control

Mosquito Control & Mosquito Misting System

Bricker Pest Control now offers Mosquito Misters!

A Mosquito Misting System effectively eliminates mosquitoes and many other insects from the exterior of your home, barn, or beach property.

The chemical used is a natural insecticide called Pyrethrum (made from chrysanthemum flowers).  It is water-based, biodegradable, and does not leave a residue.

By setting a built-in timer to go off at active times of mosquito activity (usually early morning and late evening), you kill them quickly, and after two weeks have interrupted their breeding cycle.  As soon as the sun hits the chemical it degenerates and is gone making for a happy & safe, pest free environment with a low residual chemical application.

The misting system is comprised of a low-profile tank that sits on the exterior of your home, connected to hoses with a series of nozzles that run along the trim of your house, porch, fence, etc.  It is discreet and hose colors are available in a variety of colors to match your trim.

The misting system is very easy to operate—an automatic timer dictates when the system goes off, but can be manually started with a remote control!  At the designated times, a light mist is released—ridding your yard of those mosquitoes and other bothersome insects.  Never see your child covered in mosquito bites or have to cancel that backyard bar-b-que because of the bugs again!

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Bricker Pest Control Installing Mosquito Misters

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