7 Signs You May Have a Bug Infestation in Your Home

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Termites at base of foundation

No one wants to think about bugs infesting their home, but the fact is that they can and do so frequently. If you start seeing signs of an insect infestation, it’s important to take action right away. Many types of bugs can cause damage to your home, so it’s best to get them taken care of as soon as possible. In this article, we will discuss some common signs of a bug infestation in your home. Keep an eye out for these warning signs, and if you suspect that you have a problem, don’t hesitate to call Bricker Pest Control for help!

  1. Unusual Insect Sightings – Seeing bugs in your home is one of the most obvious signs that you have a bug infestation. If you see insects such as bed bugs, ants, termites, cockroaches, honey bees, wasps or any other type of bugs crawling around, it’s time to call for help.


  1. Unpleasant Odors – Another sign of bugs in the home is a foul smell that can’t be explained. Certain bugs, such as cockroaches, emit an unpleasant odor when they are present in large numbers. If you start to notice a strange smell in your house, it could indicate a bug infestation.


  1. Droppings and Shed Skins – If bugs are present in your home, they will leave behind droppings. These droppings can range from tiny pellets to larger fecal matter. In addition, bugs will often shed their skin as they mature as part of the molting process. Check your furniture, baseboards and other areas for signs of these bugs’ remains.


  1. Damaged Items – Bugs can cause damage to the items in your home. If you start to notice small holes in clothing, furniture or other items, this could indicate bugs in the area. Look for signs of bugs eating away at paper, books and other materials as well.


  1. Nests and Hives – Some bugs, such as honey bees and wasps, will build nests or hives in your home. If you start to notice strange structures around your property, this could be a sign of bugs nesting in the area.


  1. Increase in Allergies – Bugs can trigger allergies and asthma symptoms for some people. If you’ve started to notice an increase in allergic reactions or asthma symptoms, bugs could be to blame.


  1. Bite Marks – Many bugs bite humans and other animals. If you start to notice strange bite marks on your body, this could indicate a bug infestation in the home. Look for signs of bugs biting pets as well.


If you think you have bugs in your home, don’t hesitate to call Bricker Pest Control. We can inspect your property and determine the extent of the problem. We will recommend an effective extermination or removal process to get rid of the bugs quickly and safely. Don’t let bugs take over your home — take action now and call us at 979-244-5811!

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